How To Get Into College

It’s never too early, or too late, to start a blog.

In fact, a lot of the bad blogging advice community are young people, some even still in high school. Some of you are parents with young children, while others have a few teenagers back at home.

This is a quick post to share something one of our community members has built. It’s an online education resource built to help people learn how to get into college.

Get Into Ivy was founded by an Ivy League graduate who built a stellar career at Fortune 500 companies and tech startups. Despite not growing up with great advantages, she saw how her education at UPenn opened doors in her career. She wanted to create something to give back and democratize the accessibility to education that is often reserved for the 1%.

So, she started blogging and writing helpful articles about how to get into a top college. Parents and teens have used her resources to build better college applications.

Check it out at and share it with anyone you know who is getting ready to apply for college.

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