How To Price Your Digital Product

Hey, so if you’ve been blogging it up for a while and you want to make that delicious blogging money, you’ve got to make a digital product. You already know this, but what you don’t know is how to price it.

Like anything else, there are some rules, and you need to follow them.

Rule #1 – Your price must end in 7

This is actually the most important rule. Nothing else matters if you screw this up. The best prices are $37, $97, and $497. That’s it. That’s everything you need to know about making money. It honestly doesn’t matter which one of those prices you pick. Just pick one and go with it. Flip a coin if you get stuck.

Rule #2 – Interviews

This is what marketing bloggers would call a SECRET ADVANCED TACTIC. You have to interview some people and make a second tier price for your product. Make the second tier crazy expensive. (Crazier the better.) So, like, if your ebook is $97 (why not, right?), then make a second price level called Deluxe and make that one like $297 and say it “includes interviews”.  That’s all you have to say.

Or if you really want to throw people off, make the Deluxe Version cost $337.

Seriously, when people see a price like $337, they don’t know what to think. “It makes no sense!” And when your customers don’t know what to think, they always want to give you money. True story.

So, you’re probably wondering who you should interview, right?

Well, this is the best part: it doesn’t even matter. I’m assuming you’re reading this at Starbucks right now. Just stand up and announce (loudly) “I’m making a digital product and I’m looking for some strategic partners to interview!” (Make sure you say “strategic partners” like it means something.) If it’s a busy Starbucks, a few other bloggers should approach you right away. Just talk to them about whatever and record that shit. Boom! $337!

You’re welcome.

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