What You Should Blog About

Hey. Hopefully you’ve quit your job by now and you’re ready to start to think about what you should start thinking about blogging about. Amiright?

OK, this is the most important part of blogging. You have to pick a certain thing to write about or you won’t make all that delicious blogging money.

Here are your options.

1. Blog about blogging

This is probably the easiest way to go. Here’s a secret. Blogging about blogging is like a legal pyramid scheme.

Here’s how it works… A long time ago one guy started blogging about blogging. It was great. People read his blog about blogging and they starting blogging too. Also about blogging, naturally. They bought his product about blogging and they used it to start blogging about blogging, and then they made their own products about blogging about blogging and they sold their products to the next tier of bloggers about blogging. Simple, right?

It might seem like this idea is played out, but it definitely isn’t. Want proof? You’re reading a blog about blogging right now (whoa!), and I live near San Francisco, which is in California, which means I definitely know a lot about blogging. See, easy.

2. Blog about traveling

This one is easy too. I’ve never done it, but I could because I have a credit card. This is how it works: Go to an airport and buy a plane ticket. If you don’t already have a Macbook Air, stop by your local Apple Store and pick one up on your way to the airport. You’ll need it. Anyway, get a plane ticket to somewhere (Thailand works best for some reason) and then fire up your computer and start talking about what you’re doing. Go to Thailand (or Mexico or whatever) and just start typing. That’s it! The money will start rolling in somehow and you just keep doing that forever. Airport, airplane, typing, money. Boom.

3. Blog about marketing

This one is a little harder because you probably don’t know much about marketing, but don’t worry, most marketing bloggers don’t either and they’re all doing AWESOME. Here’s what you do. Start a blog about marketing. Then, start learning about marketing from other marketing bloggers. Basically write about whatever they’re writing about and include lots of TACTICS and SECRETS. There are SO MANY marketing secrets. Almost everything in marketing is a secret. And that’s no secret.

Basically, just share the best secrets that other people share and then you’ll be a marketing blogger. Here’s the key, when it comes time to sell an ebook about marketing, make sure you get other marketing bloggers on board with you to help you promote it. Because, marketing. Can you smell the money yet?

Get started today. I believe in you.

OK, OK… Ready for some GOOD blogging advice instead?

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  1. You know you forgot to mention that everybody on Earth is a guru. If you have internet access you are probably the smartest person on the planet. About something. It could be fishing lures. Or buttons. Or how to fix a flat tire on a 2009 Camry. You know something about something. All you have to do is get a blog going and people will pay you millions of dollars to see this information. and if you sell T-Shirts and have a webinar, you will be able to retire in 3 weeks. Not everyone is aware of this so keep reading my blog and be sure and buy a t-shirt.


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