When You Should Buy That Online Course

Hey, so if you… wanna be a blogger, shot-caller

Um, sorry. If you want to live the dream of being a pro blogger, you’re going to need to buy some ebooks and video courses because… I don’t remember, but you definitely do.

But with all of the blogging about blogging courses out there from bloggers who blog about blogging, how do you decide where to spend your money?

These questions will help you decide.

How much does it cost?

This seems like an obvious question, but it doesn’t have an obvious answer. What you’re looking for here is whether the price ends in a 7 or not. This is very important because all good products cost something like $27 or $47 and especially $97 and $497. If it costs $497, you can stop reading this post now and just buy it.

Why does it matter that the price ends in 7?

Because people who price their products that way know what the fuck they’re doing. And you should definitely buy a product from someone who what they’re doing, right? Right.

Have you ever tried to do what the product helps with on your own?

This is a big one too. I had a buddy call me and ask if I thought he should buy this product about guest blogging. It was like $497 (so I was leaning toward yes) and promised to teach all the basics of how to pitch people on a guest post.

So, check it out, this is what I asked him, “Have you ever tried to pitch a guest post and failed?”

He hadn’t.

I asked him if he’d ever written a good post, then emailed someone who might want to use it as a guest post.

He hadn’t.

So, I told him to buy the product. Boom!

Never try something on your own unless you’ve paid to learn how to do it first. 

Are there bonuses?

Doesn’t matter if they look good or not. If a product has a bonus, what the product creator is trying to tell you is that he’s really confident his product is good enough on its own, and you should definitely buy it. So, you may as well trust him and buy that shit.

How long is the sales page?

Go to the sales page for that product you might want to buy and then start clicking the scrollbar on the right.

How many times do you have to click it before you get to the big ass yellow button that says “$1997 $997 $497 Today only $27″?

Ok, now let’s say you had to scroll through 5 pages of bullshit sales copy to get to the buy now button. You need to get a calculator for this.

Multiply the number of pages you had to scroll through by $50. So, if you had to scroll through 5 pages of copy, you’d go like this: 5 x $50 = $250. That’s how much the product is actually worth.

Then subtract the actual price from that number to get your profit.

So, if you scroll through 10 pages of sales copy and the big yellow button says “$1997 $997 $497 Today only $97″ then this is your math…

10 pages of sales copy x $50 = $500. So, the actual value of the product is $500. Then subtract the price. $500 minus $97 (today only) = a profit of $403!

Damn, that’s awesome. If you look at it that way, this guy is basically giving you $403. For free!

What a sucker.

OK, OK… Ready for some GOOD blogging advice instead?

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