How often should you update your blog?

Did you know that the Huffington Post is a blog? Sort of.

They post like 40 times a day. Or 100. Fuck, I don’t know.

You want to be rich, right? You want to quit your job and become a pro blogger?

Then you need to start publishing every single day.

And not just once a day. Probably at least 7 posts a day. Or 77. However many you can do, do that.

Forget sleep. That’s why bloggers all work at Starbucks. It’s not because we can’t afford a real office, or a real apartment. Or a comfortable car to sleep and work in.

No, it’s because we need to stay jacked on espresso to stay awake long enough to post stuff every day.

The “creative juices” are all coffee. That’s why so many bloggers come from San Francisco and Portland. Big coffee scenes in those cities.

See, it all makes sense. Now go get back to typing.


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